Here you will learn some more actions not mentioned in the Basics.

Running AttacksEdit

Running attacks are like normal attacks but are a bit more powerful. Only warriors and scouts can perform them. To do a Run. Attack start running and when you reach full speed do a Light, Medium or Heavy attack. Furthermore the Running Heavy attack of the warrior is unblockable and causes a fear effect!

Jump AttacksEdit

Use Jump Attacks to surprise enemies that are in a lower ground. Here's a list of the Jump Attacks of each class. Remember to jump first!

  • Useless: Light/Medium/Heavy
  • Scout: Light/Medium/Heavy
    LOTRC PelennorFields Xbox
  • Mage: Bash
  • Archer: Kick

Rising AttacksEdit

If you are knocked down by an enemy attack you can do Rising Attacks to surprise them and gain the upper hand. Here's a list of the Ris. Attacks of each class.

  • Warrior: L/M/H
  • Scout: L/M/H
  • Mage: Bash
  • Archer: Kick


Crowdbreaker is an ultimate attack that can be performed by scouts and warriors. When you have full energy, do a Heavy attack while blocking and you will do the Crowdbreaker. This attack hits all nearby enemies and knocks them down. It also does good damage. However it is blockable!